60 Minute Photo & Portraits

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we have to make an appointment?
    A. We prefer you make an appointment because it allows us to schedule enough time for your session. However walk in's are welcome.
  2. When do I have to pay for my session fee?
    A. Session fee is due at the time of your session.
  3. When should I arrive for my portrait session?
    A. 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
  4. How long will the session take?
    A. Plan anywhere from a half hour to 2 hours depending on the session you choose.
  5. When will my proofs be available?
    A. 2 to 3 hours after the session is complete.
  6. Can I buy a CD of all my proofs from my portrait session?
    A. Yes, the cost of the CD is 5 Proofs $50.00, 10 Proofs $100.00, and 15 Proofs $150.00 in addition to your sitting.
  7. How long do you keep my session on file?
    A. 3 years guaranteed, however generally they are kept longer.
  8. Can I purchase additional proofs of my session?
    A. Yes, additional proofs may be purchased for an additional charge at the time of choosing your proofs.
  9. Can we change clothes?
    A. If you choose to do the 10 proof session you may bring two outfits, and if you choose the 15 proof session you may bring 3 outfits.
  10. Can I bring pets?
    A. Yes.
  11. Can we bring our own props?
    A. Yes, we encourage it! We want your photographs to reflect who you are.
  12. Can I have some proofs in Black and White?
    A. Yes, any of your proofs may be printed in Black & White for all additional charge.
  13. What color should be avoided when choosing our outfits?
    A. Neon colors generally do not photograph well and busy patterns should be avoided.
  14. Do you have travel fees?
    A. Yes, we charge an additional travel fee for any mileage over 10 miles.
  15. When is the best time for outdoor photo sessions?
    A. Generally in the morning, , and late afternoon, middle of the day outdoor sessions should be avoided.
  16. Do you do touch ups on braces or acne?
    A. Yes, we will do touch ups on one or two proofs for you to see but if you would like to have touch ups done on others there is an additional charge, starting at $10.00 per proof.
  17. Can I have my name/year added to my senior pictures?
    A. Yes, imprinting setup fees start at $5.00.
  18. Once I have my proofs, can I have them printed at another lab?
    A. No, the photographs we take here are copy righted photos. lf you would like to get them printed elsewhere you may purchase a CD, and request a copyright release for additional fees.
  19. Can my portraits be posted on a social networking site, like Facebook or MySpace?
    A. Yes, this is something you must sign up for at the time of your session.